Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso
Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso
Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso
Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso
Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso
Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso
Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso
Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso

Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso

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You have always fantasized about giving pleasure to another man. Of course, your partner would disapprove that. But you have always been adventurous about your sexual preference. Come on, girl, YOLO! Make it happen and tick that off on your bucket list!

Don't be shy; let the Adrienne: Lady Boy Torso give what your pussy aches for!

This lovely sex doll is going to provide you with all the comfort you need. The realistic sex for the taking and all the ecstatic bliss, you will never experience those with any boy toy like this. It has gigantic breasts that you can massage and suckle. You can even run your tongue down its stomach and meet another big surprise as you go even deeper in between those legs. With an 8.27 inches penis, it will indeed drive you crazy! Caress it, make yourself at home to all its natural parts and curve. You'll be surprised as to how close it feels to the real thing. All thanks to its silicone base material. The only thing left to do now is to enjoy your time with it. Just remember to be generous with your water-soluble lubricant to make your wild time more comfortable.

But if your partner happens to discover this toy, offer him a good time as it comes with a tight cunt that will accommodate his needs. In that way, he will no longer get mad at you for playing with other cock. You can even go for a threesome. It can also be stretched and bent, so you got yourself a versatile piece to make all your fantasies come to life. Play double or bisexual penetration; indeed Adrienne is always up for a good time!

As with any toys, you have to give it a good cleaning to make sure you enjoy it for a long time. Clean the item with soapy water and keep it away from the sun's harsh heat. You can dab her with cornstarch so that she will be kept dry for more extended periods.

You have to explore different kinds of partners to fulfill your needs. Grab this unique item today!

Color Flesh
Material Skin: Silicone
Dimension Body measurements:
Height: 21.65 inches
Shoulder: N/A
Breast: N/A
Waist: 8.27 inches
Hip: 14.17 inches
Arm: N/A
Leg: N/A
Oral: N/A
Penis: 8.27 inches
Anal: N/A
Weight: 16.53 lbs.