Badass Gothic-Themed Spiked Collar
Badass Gothic-Themed Spiked Collar
Badass Gothic-Themed Spiked Collar
Badass Gothic-Themed Spiked Collar

Badass Gothic-Themed Spiked Collar

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Keeping yourself busy after a break up is essential. As such, you need a boy toy to keep you distracted!

You can also try things your boring ex never lets you do! How about starting your naughty little plan with the Badass Gothic-Themed Spiked Collar?

This is the perfect revenge piece! It's outrageous, sleek, and it has spikes all over it!

Get all the rough sex you need to get you through your ordeal; this accessory can take it all! Made of high-quality PU leather, you will love the comfortable feeling when you wear this, even for more extended periods. PU leather is lightweight, too, so you can easily pack this for your kinky overnight adventures.

Spikes, spikes, and more spikes to make you look like the sexy vixen you want to radiate. The beautiful display of the grungy look of spikes lining the sleek black leather is drop-dead gorgeous. You can wear it casually with your go-to ensemble or make it a stand out piece in your kinky adventures. It will create the perfect sexy vixen vibe wherever you go.

Moreover, you can adjust the collar's tightness around your neck with the several locking options that this ornament has. Ensure you get a snug fit before doing any deed to avoid having any accidents.

The little things matter, and in this accessory, you always have to clean it before and after each use. You don't want your favorite choker full of harmful bacteria, so be sure to wipe this with your trusted cleanser before storing it in its box. Don't expose it to moisture and direct heat of the sun.

Give yourself a whole makeover and attract the most suitable suitor. Add this badass to your ensemble today. We ensure discreet shipping on all your purchases so you can shop with confidence; your secret is safe with us!


Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A