Fiery Satin Sex Blindfold
Fiery Satin Sex Blindfold
Fiery Satin Sex Blindfold
Fiery Satin Sex Blindfold

Fiery Satin Sex Blindfold

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Preparing for your anniversary has been a bit hectic for you. Having arranged dinner and got your body ready for the night, you feel like you are missing an integral part of the whole vibe.

If sexy time is your plan, then you need to get the Sadistic Debonair's Fancy Satin Blindfold to add a bit more spice to your game.

The secret to wild, more tasteful sex is not penetration. It's what you do before the deed that makes a night memorable! And when you add this sensation tool to enhance your experience, you best believe it's going to be a wild encounter!

The silk-made cover boasts a delicate surface. This texture ensures that the area around the eye is well-taken care of, even during rough playing. Also, you will enjoy the fantastic design that allows adjustable fitting for your convenience.

In addition, this item has two variants for you to choose from. Item 'A' is a short model that's suitable for those who like to keep it simple during bed play. Then, if you prefer the grander look, item 'B' model will give you that with its longer tie at the back.

The front band features intricate lace patterns that will keep your eyes entertaining to the Master when he sees you with this on! This red segment will enhance your look like nothing in your closet, especially when paired with your sexy lingerie.

The upkeep of this piece is simple. You can wash this with warm water and mild soap so that no bodily fluids stay on the surface before storage. Also, make sure you store this in a shaded area to avoid premature deterioration.

You don't have to venture into intricate pieces to satisfy your needs. One detail like this blindfold will turn the night into a wild encounter. Make that purchase today!

Color/Type Red
Material Satin
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A