Holographic Leather Cat Mask
Holographic Leather Cat Mask
Holographic Leather Cat Mask
Holographic Leather Cat Mask

Holographic Leather Cat Mask

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Some people believe that cats are symbols of mystery and magic. Hence, they are often associated with witchcraft. And if your sex life has lost its magical touch, then perhaps it needs a little help from this mystical feline creature. Let the iridescent shades of this Holographic Leather Cat Mask add more colors to your monochromatic bedroom routines.

Vanilla may taste milky and sweet, but it's still plain white. And if you're ready to say goodbye to vanilla sex, you should get this Holographic Leather Cat Mask and buckle in for some pet play. As dazzling as this mask's colors are, this cat-like accessory might be the missing piece that you need. It is a half-face mask that can give your partner a new, shimmering look. The material is synthetic leather, so you can rest assured that it's cruelty-free, too. And if the iridescent surface is not enough, this mask also has glittery studs to make your sub sparkle. Putting this piece around your pet's head is as easy as locking your belt. The straps are adjustable, making this piece suitable for most head sizes.

This mask's design is so versatile that it can match other accessories, too. If you want to make your sub your own, then make your pet wear a collar. Moreover, if your partner is up for it, you can also make her wear a cat tail butt plug.

Cleaning synthetic leather masks is also hassle-free. Just prepare a mixture of water and mild soap, and spray it on the mask's surface using a spray bottle. You can also use a wet wipe. To rinse the soapy mixture, you can get a soft towel damped with water and wipe the surface with it. And lastly, you can use a lint-free cloth to remove the moisture.

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Color Iridescent
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference: Adjustable