Ready to Play Open Face Latex Hood

Ready to Play Open Face Latex Hood

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You’ve always found latex very sexy. There’s something about that snug-fitting, shiny effect that draws you in. Unfortunately, your Sub isn’t a fan of the material. You can coax her to at least try and give it a chance in the hopes that the fondness for latex will grow on her. What you need is something that’s not intimidating, more comfortable to wear, and most importantly, fit for beginners of the rubber game. To put it simply, you need the Ready to Play Open Face Latex Hood.

As the name suggests, this kink accessory is a good introduction in presenting how the use of latex can change the course of your sessions from steamy to fiery. It provides a quick illustration of sensory deprivation, especially if your Sub’s ears are one of her strongest erogenous zones. While she’s wearing this hood, she will also have a little taste on breath play—albeit not full-on—since this headgear exposes the area from her brows to the half of her chin. This item is the perfect tool to leave her wanting more. Who knows, maybe next time, you can eventually move on to bigger things after this experience!

Unlike other full-faced latex hoods, this product is easier to put on. A wide zipper runs from the top of the head to the nape, so you can easily shut it for a better fit. But for your Sub’s convenience, you can still sprinkle some talc on the insides of the hood. This will lessen, if not prevent, any awkward situations that may spoil your naughty mood.

After your session, you can wash this mask with warm water. Do not bleach, nor expose it under the harsh rays of the sun. Wipe off excess water after rinsing it, and allow it to air dry. Remember to lay it flat and not tumble it down while you’re waiting for it to dry completely.

Purchase the Ready to Play Open Face Latex Hood today, and let the good times roll. This is one product you won’t regret getting.


Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Head Circumference:
XS: 19.09 inches
S: 20.87 inches
M: 22.44 inches
L: 23.62 inches
XL: 25 inches
XXL: 25.59 inches
Neck Circumference:
XS: 12.01 inches
S: 12.80 inches
M: 14.37 inches
L: 15.55 inches
XL: 15.94 inches
XXL: 16.34 inches