Sassy Girl's Nipple Dangle Jewelry
Sassy Girl's Nipple Dangle Jewelry
Sassy Girl's Nipple Dangle Jewelry
Sassy Girl's Nipple Dangle Jewelry

Sassy Girl's Nipple Dangle Jewelry

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Your boldness has taken you to places. You have reached heights of success where men dominate. But behind closed doors with your lover, you are shy and reserved. You never get the chance to dominate and have what you really desire.

Just like the outside world, you need to be bold and daring. Sex can be compared to a game of cards. If you don’t know how to play them, you will lose. But if you are ready to take risks, luck may play well on your side. Wear the Sassy Girl's Nipple Dangles Jewelry and feel more confident and sexy. With these stylish accessories adorning your tits, you will have the courage to boss around your partner.

When you become daring, you can demand him to kiss your ass, lick your pussy, and suck your nips. That’s what a positive body image can do. It gives you confidence.

Don’t hesitate to have your nips pierced with these nipple dangles because they are truly exquisite. Let’s begin with the barbells. They are smooth and sleek. On their ends are spheres that secure the piercing so that the pieces won’t slip off the nipples. These orbs are also decorative, making the barbells more than enough to embellish the tits.

But if you want to step things up, be sure to include the dangles. These decorative pieces are made up of chains and heart-shaped trinkets with crystals in them. These additions are what make these nipple decors unique. Your partner can loop his finger through the chain to gently tug at your teats to give you a taste of synchronized pain and bliss.    

These lovelies are made of stainless steel, a premium metal that's safe for body use. Pieces of jewelry crafted from this metal do not require frequent cleaning, so don’t fret. Since stainless steel is also corrosion-resistant, you can take a shower with these on your tities. 

It’s high time to get sassy in the bedroom. Buy now and get pierced soon!

Color Silver and Pink, Silver and White
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 pcs nipple jewelry