Sweet Death Skeleton Hand Nipple Rings

Sweet Death Skeleton Hand Nipple Rings

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Tired of wearing sparkly and shiny body jewelry? Want to wear something fun yet unique? If so, these Sweet Death Skeleton Hand Nipple Rings are your best bet! They look quirky and enchanting, just like you.

These oddly appealing nipple accessories feature 14-gauge straight nipple barbells with shields. Like any other nipple bar, the bars that come in this pair have a removable ball at each end. They hold the bling in place, preventing them from slipping.

A skeleton hand-shaped charm forming a heart between fingers serves as the accessory's shield. The heart-shaped shield encloses the nipple, giving your raisin a head-turning look. With these on your tits, your boobs will catch your partner's attention when they see the bling.

Though the design looks hair-raising, this doesn't mean that you can only wear them on Halloween. You can rock these jewels on Valentine's Day instead of wearing something red or cute. You can also don them on your anniversary and surprise your lover with these boob adornments. If there is no occasion to celebrate, that is perfectly fine, for you can still wear them even on ordinary days. You can wear them as part of your sexy dominatrix ensemble. Doing so will make your passive partner tremble in fear and lust.

These spunky nipple accessories are crafted out of stainless steel; hence, they are safe on your body. Stainless steel is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, making these trinkets suitable for sensitive skin. Nickel is also not present in this metal, which means those with metal allergies can wear these adornments. Best of all, this material is rust-resistant, which means these body ornaments will last!

So why settle for something ordinary? Opt for something chic yet unique like these Sweet Death Skeleton Hand Nipple Rings. Add them to your cart now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Gauge: 14G: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Package Inclusion 2 X Nipple Shields